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We believe that YOU are the core of your own happiness and positivity.

Happiness is for everyone’, and with the same vision, YouTurn Consulting was founded by Niti Gupta to help you lead a better life by guiding you thoughtfully to manage your mental and emotional wellbeing. 

Life coaching

At YouTurn Consulting, we use psychotherapy and counselling to help you confront, understand and manage the roller coaster of emotions that life throws at you and empower your life’s journey with peace and self-acceptance.

We believe that YOU are the core of your own happiness and positivity. Only YOU can change the course of your life for the better, when you know yourself more and learn to accept and value your own SELF.


With empathy and compassion in our hearts, we are here to be your helping hands in your journey of self-discovery and finding mental peace. We are your keepers in a journey that’s about YOU, that starts with YOU.

Our Approach

Our Therapy Approach

How do we help you?


Process-Driven Approach

A defined, tactical and personalized process in place helps achieve and sustain mental wellbeing. Once you start focusing on accomplishing your small goals, the process eventually leads to the attainment of the big goal, thus, making you mentally and emotionally stronger than before.


Proactive Awareness And Advocacy

A lot can be achieved the moment you start becoming aware and learning more. Similarly, a lot can be prevented with the same knowledge and guidance.



To help you overcome and grow from every crisis that you may face.



Empowering you in the right direction so that you can understand both yourself and your relationships with others better, by adopting better living practices

Our Dedicated Team

"Our counsellors/therapists are fully qualified, experienced and professionally accredited by or registered with the Singapore Association for Counsellors and/or the Association for Psychotherapist and Counsellors Singapore. We are fully committed to continuous professional and personal development."

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