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Niti Gupta

Clinical Director, Psychotherapist and Personal Development Coach

Niti Gupta is a firm believer in the power of communication, connection and creativity in personal growth and healing. She believes her job is to help her clients narrate their life stories, express their struggles, and consciously rewrite their present and future.

She is the Founding Director of YouTurn, a mental wellbeing consultancy that supports organisations and individuals to find and express their authentic selves. A Certified Integrative Systemic psychotherapist and counsellor, Niti holds a Master of Counselling Degree from Singapore University of Social Sciences and is a registered member of the Singapore Association of Counsellors (SAC).

Born and raised in India, Niti has lived, studied and worked in different parts of the world for over two decades. The extensive international experiences have helped Niti develop the multicultural competency to work with people from diverse backgrounds. Besides being culturally sensitive, her practice is also gender and sexuality affirming.

Her psychotherapeutic practice is based on a foundation of theories and principles, which are part of Humanistic, Psychoanalytic, and Cognitive-behavioural approaches. She incorporates techniques from a wide variety of modalities (Attachment Theory, Grief and Loss Theory, Choice Theory, Schema Theory, Psychosocial Stages, and Mindfulness) in a manner that is customised to cater to her clients’ individual needs.

Her professional experience includes individual and couple counselling, crisis management, and support-group facilitation. She helps her clients deal with anxiety, stress, depression, grief, divorce & separation, extramarital affairs, trauma, suicide ideation, self-harm, sexual & sexual identity issues.

Besides therapy, Niti Gupta is dedicated to prevention work, including Awareness-Raising and Advocacy about mental wellbeing matters. She regularly publishes video and written content and conducts webinars/workshops to highlight relationships and emotional issues. In addition, Niti has a keen interest in literary works, including poetry, and uses the synthesis of her readings in public talks and therapy work.

Niti offers a non-judgemental and confidential space for her clients to heal and grow. She enjoys working with couples and individuals of all ages looking to reclaim their power and lead a purposeful life. She is available for in-person or online sessions.

To quote her, “Mental health is not a destination, but a process. It’s about how you drive, not where you’re going.”

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