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Eating & Body Image

(Format- Individual Therapy/Counselling, Family Therapy, Workshops)

Body image is someone’s perception of the way their body looks. While there are many factors that can contribute to the development of an eating disorder, body image dissatisfaction can play a significant role. Many people with eating disorders often fear becoming “fat,” which can create a compulsive cycle of trying to control one’s body shape or size through eating behaviours. The overvaluation of shape and weight is central in the maintenance of body image disturbance in people with eating disorders. People with eating disorders tend to judge their self-worth predominantly or even exclusively in terms of shape, weight, and control.

Counselling for eating disorders and body dysmorphia works by exploring the origins of overvaluation of shape and weight, identifying when overvaluation occurs and its consequences. The treatment aims to enhance the importance of other aspects of one’s life and reduce the importance of shape and weight.

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