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Self-harm & Suicidality

(Format- Individual Counselling, Family Counselling)

Sometimes, life’s strains and stressors can create an emotional rollercoaster. Without healthy coping mechanisms to manage emotional pain, some people turn to self-mutilation or other self-harm behaviours for release. Suicide, suicide attempts, self-harm, and suicidal ideation are issues that require urgent attention.

Self-harm is a preoccupation with deliberately hurting oneself without conscious suicidal intent, often resulting in damage to body tissue.” In many cases, when people self-harm, it’s not part of a suicide attempt or with suicidal intent. Instead, individuals may harm themselves to find relief from difficult emotions. However, the plan to die can change over time, and self harm can escalate into suicidal behaviours.

Working with a qualified therapist can help one learn healthy coping skills, manage emotional pain, and navigate stressful situations without turning to self-injury. Whether dealing with intrusive suicidal thoughts or emotional pain, counselling for deliberate self-harm can be a valuable resource to help one stay healthy.

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