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(Format- Individual Therapy/Counselling)

Life with depression can be very isolating, painful and distressing. Mood disorders affect one's daily life, making it hard for one to find enjoyment in day-to-day activities. Living with depression can be incredibly difficult for those suffering and those around them. Several times the cause of depression is instantly apparent, but other times there isn't an obvious reason why one is feeling so down.

It could be that you've lost something or someone, or it could stem from disappointment or frustration. Common reasons behind the development of depression include distressing life events such as breakups, divorces or job loss; the death of a loved one; childhood experiences; bottled-up anger; living conditions and circumstances; substance use; chronic physical illnesses. Whatever the trigger, prolonged depression can take over and leave people feeling both physically and emotionally drained.

Depression can make people presume that they are alone and no one understands them. Therapy helps to provide people with space where they are heard and supported through a very dark and painful time. It also allows people to rebuild and gradually put their lives back together.

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