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Personal Development

(Format- Individual Therapy/Counselling, Workshops)

Not EVERYONE who seeks counselling is in crisis or distress. A large number of people go to therapy because they want to lead full, vibrant and meaningful lives. Human beings have an innate desire to maximise their potential, do the best they can, and be the best they can be; in short- they want to become self-actualised. Everyone experiences periods when they think their lives could be more fulfilling but lack motivation or don't know where or how to start creating their valued life.

Personal development counselling is all about empowering people to live the life they aspire to. Whether it is chasing a career change or rediscovering old passions, or wanting to learn more about themselves, personal development counselling focuses on helping people realise their true potential. This form of therapy is open to anyone who feels stuck or in need of a fresh perspective. The aim of personal development work is to identify and remove obstacles from a person's life so that they will develop into a mature, fully realised adult.

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