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Infidelity & Affairs

(Format-Individual Therapy/Counselling, Couple Therapy)

Cheating doesn’t necessarily mean one’s partner doesn’t love them anymore, and it doesn’t always mean they have to break up. One of the reasons that infidelity is so painful is because it brings up painful questions, like what if I’m not enough for my partner anymore? It calls the relationship into question, but more importantly, it calls one’s identity into question. Aside from the hurt that comes with infidelity, romantic partners — both the cheated and the cheated upon — may feel guilt, betrayal, anger, foolishness, and loss of trust.

For many couples, couples therapy is useful in helping them overcome relationship struggles and restore their trust in one another. Therapy provides a safe space for couples to build on their relationship, communicate their feelings, and gain practical, valuable solutions to implement into their lives together.

In addition, couples therapy helps couples strengthen their emotional and sexual intimacy, experience more satisfaction with their relationship, atone for past infidelities and insensitivities, and nurture healthier habits. It might take time, patience, and recommitment, but it is possible to come out on the other side, often even stronger than before.

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