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(Format- Individual Therapy/Counselling, Couple Therapy, Family Therapy,

Becoming a parent is hugely rewarding but also brings along a new set of challenges. The responsibilities that parents must fulfil include (but are not limited to)- raising good children who can contribute to society; providing a home that is loving, supportive, and caring; meeting all the needs of their children, such as a home, education, food, healthcare, and education; take care of their spouses; supporting the community they are in to create a safe and productive place for their families; giving their families a comfortable life! They need to do all these while they also try to meet their own needs and cope with their personal struggles.

Parenting counselling aims to provide the necessary knowledge, tools, guidance, and support to parents without bias or judgment. Therapy helps to equip parents with the knowledge, tools and practical strategies for successful parenting and positive child outcome.

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