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Audrey Leong


Audrey has always been drawn to human stories originating from diverse backgrounds. So a career in professional counselling came as a natural choice to complement her deep desire to help others, a desire to journey beside fellow humans as they gradually begin to make sense of the confusing parts of their lives.

She holds a Master of Counselling degree from the Singapore University of Social Sciences and specialises in individual counselling. A millennial herself, Audrey is familiar with the struggles and issues that many of us face due to existential differences because of growing up in a technology-saturated environment. It is thus her wish to reach out to everyone who faces challenges coping with stress and with managing their interpersonal relationships.

Her style of counselling is integrative and person-centred while frequently drawing on theories and techniques from CBT, mindfulness, and the Narrative and Solution-focused approaches. She is also committed to learning about and considering the various interlinked aspects of each client's identity while honouring every unique facet and dynamic.

Audrey believes that the core of her counselling is holding space for her clients to express themselves safely and tell their stories in their own voices. It is her hope that she may be a guide and a source of strength for her clients as they move along their chosen paths towards clarity and self-awareness.

Audrey enjoys working with individuals of all ages, including teenagers. She is available for in-person or online sessions

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