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Teenage Counselling

(Format- Individual Counselling

or Psychotherapy)

The teenage years are one of the most challenging phases for both teens and their parents. Human beings' adolescent stage is marked with rapid and significant changes; this change process is often turbulent. Teens usually start to face many new pressures and can sometimes react in not so healthy ways when they encounter a problem. It is a good idea to seek help if a teenager struggles at school; feels unusually stressed out; is utterly unsure of what to do after high school; faces difficulties with friends; shows signs of self-harm or an eating disorder. Counselling helps reduce anxiety, work on study skills, develop healthy friendships, face problems in the home, set goals, or address bullying by providing a safe environment for the teenager. Like adult counselling, adolescent counselling allows teenagers to feel heard, understood and accepted in a secure, non-threatening, objective, and confidential environment.