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(Format- Individual Psychotherapy,

Individual or Group Counselling, Workshops)

"Stress" is a natural part of life; it is defined as a state of mental, emotional strain and/or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. Stressors arising from work, relationships, money and/or health concerns are usually harmless to our health. However, when the stressor becomes chronic, it can cause significant mental strain, long-term health problems and emotional outbursts. Signs of being stressed are feeling overwhelmed, run-down, irritability, inability to sleep and sometimes eating can be affected too. Stress is tough to live with, and counselling can offer an outlet by providing a safe place where the clients can discuss and work through the factors causing them to feel stressed out. In therapy, a person will examine the deeper issues in their lives that could be contributing to their stress, such as toxic relationships, internal pressure from negative self-talk, or unresolved conflicts. Therapy can help people identify an unhealthy coping mechanism for stress and develop a healthy one to use instead.