Niti Gupta

-Director and Principal Counsellor, YouTurn Consulting

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Niti Gupta is a Certified Integrative Systemic psychotherapist and counsellor. She holds a Master of Counselling Degree from Singapore University of Social Sciences and a registered member with the Singapore Association of Counsellors (SAC).


Her professional experience includes individual and group counselling, crisis management, and support group facilitation for clients from varied backgrounds. She helps her clients deal with anxiety, stress, depression, bereavement, grief, loss, relationship issues, trauma, physical, sexual or emotional abuse, suicide ideation, self-harm, low self-esteem, and life transitions.  


Her psychotherapeutic practice is based on a foundation of theories, principles, ideas and beliefs which are part of Humanistic, Psychoanalytic, and Cognitive-behavioural approaches. This integrative framework facilitates working in a manner that is customised to cater to her clients’ individual needs, with an eclectic approach by incorporating techniques from Attachment Theory, Grief and Loss Theory,  Choice Theory/Reality Therapy Schema Theory, Psychosocial Stages, and Mindfulness. 


Besides therapy, Niti Gupta is dedicated to prevention work including Awareness-Raising and Advocacy about matters concerning mental wellbeing by regularly publishing videos and written content, hosting webinars, conducting workshops and participating in online discussions.


Passionate about the power of communication and connection, Niti Gupta helps and guides her clients to find their voice to express their struggles and be able to live up to their full potential.

To quote her, “Mental health is not a destination, but a process. It’s about how you drive, not where you’re going.”